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The Evolving Home: The Conscious Design Guide to Restoring Function and Comfort in the New Normal

Life has undergone so many changes in the year 2020 which has elicited such a cry for help in figuring out how to set up the home to accommodate all of the new roles and responsibilities it has taken on as a result. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can shut the door from the outside chaos of the world and feel balanced, comfortable and efficient? What if it is possible to live in harmony with yourself and your loved ones?

The Evolving Home will show you how to uncover your needs and desires and put them into a comprehensive conscious design that will benefit you and your family so that you can feel balanced and ready for anything. Author Kadie Remaklus has twenty years of conscious interior design experience. She will teach you to:


  • Create a healthy environment for you and your family to live in

  • Set up flexible spaces, like temporary or long-term work from home spaces

  • Combine multiple tasks into one area and not feel overwhelmed

  • Identify your own style while having a cohesive space that represents everyone’s personalities

  • Organize and create cooperative habits so that you aren’t constantly cleaning

  • Create a conscious design and execute it, from budgeting, drawings, and purchasing to schedules and contractor

Instead of just reacting to this change by creating a space to accommodate all of the new tasks and responsibilities,  why not embrace the change? Use the opportunity to cultivate a version of your home that stems from intention.

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