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Conscious Interior Design

Consciousness is bringing awareness to what you are doing and why you are doing it; what kind of materials you are touching, breathing in, where they come from and how they arrived to your front door. When we are aware of these things then we begin to live presently in each moment, and each moment is really all we have.


Design encompasses a multidisciplinary process that has to do with solving a problem by creating a new narrative with the same function. This requires specific steps done in a specific order so that you can identify and truly solve your problems with creative and balanced solutions, and you may even have some fun along the way.


Conscious Interior Design encompasses a thoughtful approach to someone’s experience within a space. Taking into consideration what our basic human needs are and providing a holistic approach to meeting those needs and also the impact these choices will have on the environment. In a residential setting there are fewer occupants than a commercial setting and thereby the emphasis on those occupants and their experience is more intimate. To fully extract that intimacy is to fully understand each occupant. Ultimately the space that surrounds these occupants is a reflection of their truth and purpose whilst maintaining their chosen lifestyle and always providing room to grow and change.  In commercial or hospitality design the intimacy is transferred to the desired end user’s experience which is derived from the goals, mission and philosophy of the company.

Recent Projects

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