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Meet the face
behind the designs

Kadie is a mother, a lover, a designer, an artist, an author, a Reiki master, and an entrepreneur. She is a seeker of truth and expansion. She is always chasing light and maintaining alignment.

Kadie has been practicing interior design for over eighteen years. She was awarded a second class honors (first division) bachelor of arts degree in interior design as well as a cum laude bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design from the internationally renowned American Intercontinental University in London, England. She is registered in the state of Nevada, which is a licensed governing state. She has been a Reiki Master for over twenty years. She currently resides in Reno, Nevada, where she operates her full-service interior design firm, KDesign. She likes to help her clients connect with their spaces through meaning and purpose. She also has a line of high-vibration bespoke art, furniture, apparel, and more, which she sells through her website and at local artist and trunk shows.

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Kadie's Philosophy

If you have met Kadie then you know she has a different way of looking at life. She notices patterns, connections, spaces, gaps, consistency, rhythm, and energy in physical space and in the way people communicate. She believes that outward expressions are indicators of our inner space and that if we all nurtured our own sacred space from within, a place where we can feel calm and serene, that those outward expressions would stem from greater truth and meaning.  


This process of illumination is what she uncovers in her clients and uses for inspiration for their space. She considers her approach as Conscious Interior Design.  Consciousness is bringing awareness to what you are doing and why you are doing it; what kind of materials you are touching, breathing in, where they came from and how they appeared in your house. When we are aware of these things then we begin to live presently in each moment, and each moment is really all we have. 

She believes there is rhythm in every space we cohabitate, it is important to be aware of the rhythm that you want to establish in your own life so that you start and end every day in that way.  

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