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Kelly is free, riding the waves of life effortlessly. Leaning into the waves and carving out the path that feels best. 


This piece definitely has a bohemian surf vibe to it, which is why I named it Kelly, after Kelly Slater. Upholstered with high grade fabric and hand woven accents make this upcylced bench a keeper. Only one of its kind.


Dimensions: 48" wide x 19.5" deep x 28" high

Kelly Bench

SKU: KellyBench
  • These pieces are used and therefor have a lot of history, while Kadie  does her best to breathe new life into these old pieces, please expect to see some wear and tear. Instead of ending up in a trash heap it has been refurbished for a new life. This is a one of a kind, so there are no replacement pieces. We must love them for who they are! 

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