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Create a Floor Plan

Measure all walls, including doors and windows. You will start by doing this by hand–graph paper is a great way to do this. You can count the individual squares out and assign them per foot and then scale it that way. It’s not very accurate but could work. Alternatively, you could use a scaled ruler, which you can research how to do; or you could capture all information on your paper plan. Just write down the measurements next to the walls without worrying about scale, and then find an app or computer program to then put all of the information into. This would be the easiest because some apps you can even move furniture around on the screen to get an idea of layout prior to moving the actual furniture yourself in the space. There are so many out there, and I am not sure which is best since I use expensive programs for this. To get you started down the right path, I did a search and found something called which seems to fit the bill. For windows, measure the width times height and how high they are off the floor. Take a red pen and mark where the outlets, light switches, and lights are on the plan. Measure all of your furniture you are considering using and that includes width, (side to side), height (floor to top), depth (front to back), and log this on a separate sheet. This is good to type at the end of your programming document for quick reference.

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